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Knight Rider sets ratings pace

by on Feb.19, 2008, under Television

The new Knight Rider telefilm got the best demographics for a TV movie in nearly three years, scoring a 5.0/12 overall and showing a broad demographic. Looks like we will be seeing more of the new K.I.T.T. – but will we see more of the Hoff, or will they try and let the series stand on its own?

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  • chad


    … was the show any good?

    • Anonymous Coward


      meh. i wanted to like it but it doesn’t stand up to the original. even considering the hokeyness of the original when viewed today.

    • Doc


      I didn’t plan on doing a full review as I was only able to pay partial attention to it. I’d say it wasn’t bad. The effects were good. They didn’t technobabble much, but the “tech” stuff they did wasn’t convincing (uh, they are breaking through your firewall, and you notice, and they’ll be in in 20 seconds, and there is nothing you can do about it?) But I didn’t care for the acting. I really didn’t find anyone that believable. The FBI agent was dead weight in the story.

      The commercials had more of the campiness of the original than did the show itself.

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