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Battlestar Galactica Season 4 premiere preview

by on Mar.31, 2008, under Television

No, its not Yet Another YouTube video. I had the opportunity to watch the upcoming Season 4 premiere of Battlestar Galactica, “He That Believeth In Me”, which airs for you mere mortals this Friday (have I never mentioned that I’m a Time Lord? The TARDIS comes in handy when you can’t wait). I can’t discuss anything terribly important (can’t change the course of history, right?), but I can give you some thoughts…but you’ll need to click Read More to enable the telepathic link through your firewall (don’t worry, I won’t steal your passwords…I already know them)

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Doctor Who premiere in the U.K. April 5th

by on Mar.27, 2008, under Television

The Series 4 premiere of Doctor Who will hit the airwaves in the U.K. on BBC One on Saturday, April 5th, at the earlier time of 6:20pm. Apparently producer Russell T. Davies isn’t happy about it, according to a posting on Gallifrey One – he believes the show will lose viewers. I believe, but haven’t confirmed, that Series 4 will air in the U.S. starting April 18th, with spinoff series The Sarah Jane Adventures debuting the week before, on April 11th at 8pm.

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New Social Network Open Doors to Sci-Fi Fans!

by on Mar.27, 2008, under General News

PsiProne writes “A new social network, much like MySpace, opened its doors to Sci-Fi Fans this month, March 2008. Its called The Sci-Fi Dominion . When new users sign up, they get their own member page, plus access to The Sci-Fi Dominion forums, discussions and much more. Users can even start their own groups and add their favorite sci-fi videos to the video page. Check it out and join up! See you there!” Hmmm…this was one of the things I was thinking about to “expand” Sci-Fi Storm…drat. I probably would have never gotten to it anyways.

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Hope persists: Jericho being shopped around

by on Mar.25, 2008, under Television

It seems the producers aren’t willing to give up on Jericho just yet. According to exec producer Carol Barbee, they are seeking a network, even on cable. However, I understand that the show is pretty expensive, so a cable network might not have the funds. And of course, there is the usual statement about “other forms”, which seems to be the fate of all shows as of late. The clock is running…when will it run out?

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I Am Legend Blu-Ray Disc review

by on Mar.23, 2008, under General News

Will Smith’s vehicle I Am Legend came out this past week on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc. I finally managed to take some time (despite it being Easter) to work through it for a review. Read More for the details.

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2008 Hugo Award nominees announced

by on Mar.21, 2008, under Awards

The list of nominees for this year’s Hugo Awards and the John W. Campbell Award is out. A quick list of the Dramatic Presentation awards: Long form: Enchanted; The Golden Compass; Heroes Season 1; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; and Stardust. Short form: Battlestar Galactica, “Razor”; Doctor Who, “Blink”; Doctor Who, “Human Nature/Family of Blood”; Star Trek New Voyages, “World Enough and Time”; Torchwood; “Captain Jack Harkness”. The Hugo Award ceremony will take place at Denvention 3, the 44th World Science Fiction Convention, August 6th-10th, 2008.

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Bomb dropped – Jericho canceled

by on Mar.21, 2008, under Television

CBS has finally made its decision – and it wasn’t in favor of Jericho fans. Producers learned yesterday that CBS had canceled the show. Apparently ratings were even lower this season, which didn’t help. The series finale (which was shot just in case) will air next Tuesday, and will bring everything to a conclusion. It does leave a door open to resurrection, but due to the shows cost it is unlikely.

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Even more Galactica videos

by on Mar.19, 2008, under Television

I’ve got a brand new preview of Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica on our YouTube Channel that was shown at the press event last night (and may be an exclusive for a little bit), along with 4 segments of another “special”, “Battlestar Galactica: Phenomena”, where various celebrities discuss the show. Read More to see the new videos, or simply go to our channel and see them all…Update: The problem with the choppy video is fixed.

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Caprica gets green light

by on Mar.19, 2008, under Television

Although originally announced almost two years ago, as part of last night’s press event, the SCI FI Channel has finally given the green light to Caprica the Battlestar Galactica prequel/back-door pilot, with production planned to start this Spring. Read More for the full press release.

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Many SCI FI Channel announcements

by on Mar.19, 2008, under Television

The SCI FI Channel held a press event in NY last night, and out of it came several announcements. Rather than regurgitate all the press releases, I will try and summarize them here. I’ll leave out the reality show stuff (since I tend not to cover it), and Caprica will get its own article. Read More for the rest.

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