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Fox picks up pilot for Boldly Going Nowhere

by on Mar.16, 2008, under Television

The guys behind It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have scored a development deal with 20th Century Fox TV, which also includes a pickup of a pilot for an SF comedy entitled Boldly Going Nowhere. It’s called “high concept” and “not a spoof”, but there isn’t much detail yet.

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  • mbourgon

    What are the odds it’ll make it? -5%?

    • Strike 1: sci-fi comedy
    • Strike 2: Fox
    • Strike 3: High-concept

    I think it’ll be preemptively cancelled – wasn’t there a show that actually got canned while it was airing? They went to commercial and came back to something else?

    • Doc

      Re:What are the odds it’ll make it? -5%?

      I don’t know about something being canceled on-air, but I believe it was WB/CW’s Aquaman that was canceled 1 week after getting a green-light for production. Now THAT is preemptive.

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