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Bomb dropped – Jericho canceled

by on Mar.21, 2008, under Television

CBS has finally made its decision – and it wasn’t in favor of Jericho fans. Producers learned yesterday that CBS had canceled the show. Apparently ratings were even lower this season, which didn’t help. The series finale (which was shot just in case) will air next Tuesday, and will bring everything to a conclusion. It does leave a door open to resurrection, but due to the shows cost it is unlikely.

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  • zonk3r

    Unfortunate but not unexpected

    NUTS! I really enjoyed this show. There are a number of things that I think could have saved it and all of them are failures of CBS in my opinion.

    Firstly season 1 should never have aired so early in the evening (directly after the evening news). It is an adult show with adult themes (atom bombs blowing up cities?) and belonged in the 10-11p hour.

    Season 2 was almost destined to fail because they put it up against American Idol. Although Jericho is an adult show most families still watch TV together and if it is a question of what the kids want to see vs. the parents it is going to be Idol.

    So I”ll miss the show but hopefully they put a good finale together to appease us rabid fans.

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