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Flash Gordon, Highlander on the remake list?

by on May.20, 2008, under Movies

Now I’m convinced Hollywood has run out of ideas. First up, on the infinite quest of a decent version, modern version of Flash Gordon, Columbia pictures will have at it, with Breck Eisner as director/exec producer, and Neal Moritz producing – no writer is lined up yet. Between the two of them, they are a remake machine: Goosebumps, 21 Jump Street, The Green Hornet, Creature From The Black Lagoon, and George Romero’s Crazies are all in the pipeline.

In the meantime, since no one understands the original’s penultimate line, “There can be only one!”, Summit Entertainment has obtained the remake rights to Highlander from Panzer/Davis, and will retain Peter Davis as a producer. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man) will write the screenplay.

Maybe I should channel my programming skills into writing some spec scripts. But then again, you still don’t see any new site software yet…

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  • loftwyr

    It’ll be the best highlander ever!

    Just what we need a Highlander with lots more explosions and car chases! Just think how great it will be to have a Kurgan with cyborg implants!

    And a grand finally that both fly around wire-fu style instead of just fighting in a warehouse!

    And a whole new character who’s a scrappy kid that MacLeod has to protect and and and

    And I’m making myself sick.

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