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Stargate Atlantis: Season 4 DVD review

by on Jul.05, 2008, under Television, Video/DVD

This coming Tuesday (July 8th) Stargate Atlantis: Season 4 comes out on DVD, right before the premiere of Season 5 next Friday. I’ve got my hands on a copy…Read More for a review of the latest in the Stargate franchise.

From the press release:

Los Angeles, CA ??? Explore the limits of an uncharted galaxy when ???Stargate: Atlantis??? Season Four plunges onto DVD July 8, 2008 from MGM Home Entertainment. Created from the legacy of ???Stargate SG-1???, the longest-running, scripted, made-for television science fiction series in U.S. broadcasting history, ???Stargate: Atlantis??? recently received
the 2008 People???s Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi Television Series. In Season Four, SG-1???s Award- Winning star Amanda Tapping crosses over as the new leader, joining the Atlantis cast as television???s favorite astrophysicist Commander Samantha Carter, along with the return of Jewel Staite (???Firefly,??? ???Serenity???) reprising her role of Dr. Keller, a physician who joins the Atlantis expedition.

The fourth season also continues to deliver out-of-this world excitement and amazing adventures with exceptional visuals chronicling the voyage of the Atlantis team in the Pegasus galaxy. Stargate: Atlantis??? Season Four boasts a talented ensemble cast including Joe Flanigan (The Other Sister), Rachel Luttrel (Imposter), David Hewlett (???The Triangle???), Jason Momoa (???Baywatch: Hawaii???), Mitch Pileggi (???The X-Files???), and is executive produced by Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. Closely timed to the release of the highly anticipated new feature length DVD and Blu-Ray premiere of Stargate Continuum, ???Stargate: Atlantis??? Season Four includes 20 thrilling episodes on five discs and features cast and crew commentaries, deleted scenes, photo galleries, the first ???Atlantis??? blooper reel and more

This DVD set comes in 3 plastic thin disc holders (like other Stargate releases) in a cardboard slipcase, holding 5 discs. The slipcase is

typical, with a cast shot (of the 5 regular cast members) on the front. Each disc is

screen printed with the same image, with the only distinguishing mark a hexagonal icon

with the disc number inside.

Menus have stylized “Atlantis computer”-like interface over the Atlantis stargate, with an

inset video, which is the same across all the discs. Otherwise they are pretty simplistic.

A number of special features are included throughout the discs. All discs feature photo and design galleries and commentaries for all episodes, with

the exception of “Midway”. Poeple on the commentaries cary between episodes, with each one having the director of the episode and one other person. Amanda Tapping is the only one of the cast who appears.

There are quite a few featurettes that are generally well produced. ONe thing of note is that the “Mission Directive” featurettes at times have an annoying background

tone. It appears to be intentional, as part of the “computer interface” it is wrapped

in, but the volume seems a bit high, and during when someone is talking.

The featurettes are spread through the discs as follows:

Disc 1:
Starts with ad for Stargate: Ark of Truth

Mission Directive: “Doppleganger” with Robert C. Cooper – Making an episode about nightmares, and the

stunts involved.

A New Leader – Amanda Tapping Joins Atlantis – Bringing Sam Carter into the fold.

Disc 2:
Starts with ad for Stargate SG-1 Season 10

The Doctor Is In: The Return of Paul McGillion – It’s amazing where the protesters

came from.

“Stargate Atlantis” Bloopers – Interestingly, they acknowledge the fans demands for bloopers, but say they often don’t have many interesting ones.

Disc 3:
Starts with ad for Continuum (Released July 29th)

Mission Directive: “This Mortal Coil” with Will Waring – Discussing the making of the

episode with the director

Disc 4:
Mission Directive: “Quarantine” with Martin Wood – The director talks about shooting

an episode with little special effects.

Mission Directive: “Outcast” with Andy Mikita – THe director talks about developing a

background for Shepard; using a stuntman as an actor; and the stunts themselves.

The Making of “Trio” – making what was intended to be a simple, cheap episode that

just doesn’t quite work that way.

Disc 5:
A Look Back at Season 4 – Looking back on the episodes, and how they came up with


Delete Scenes

Again with this season, most all the episodes are good, so its difficult to call them out. Spread throughout are a number of plotlines. Colonel Samantha Carter comes to take over Atlantis, making for some tense situations with McKay (at least for his part); Midway through the season, Teyla begins a search for her people who have mysteriously disappeared; the partial wraith Michael returns with some plans for the Atlanteans, and the wraith that Sheppard met in prison comes to help; and Dr. Carson Beckett “returns”…

It is nice having this come out now, so I can spend time watching Season 4 again to get ready for Season 5…


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