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Tron 2 is real

by on Jul.25, 2008, under Movies

We thought it was coming, and then it vanished, and then there was renewed hope – but Tron 2 is very much real this time. Disney unveiled a teaser for the movie as a surprise to Comic-Con guests. And of course, I missed it…

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  • rmgrotkierii

    Tron 2.0 the game

    So what happens to the game Tron 2.0? Is the movie going to ignore that or what … ? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • zonk3r

    Doc! Here’s a trailer of Tr2n!

    It’s a bootleg but it’s better than nothing. You’ll never guess who’s in it (okay you probably will). _tron_2_trailer_online.html

    • Doc

      Re:Doc! Here’s a trailer of Tr2n!

      Yes, I saw that video earlier today…I’ve been hearing that this was a proof-of-concept test video, but they already have buy-in from Bridges (in fact, he may be a driving force to make it). They’d better make it now!!!

    • PumpHunter

      That’s not a trailer

      That’s some graphics testing.

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