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Asimov’s Foundation moves to Warner Bros

by on Jul.29, 2008, under Movies

Isaac Asimov’s venerable Foundation series may finally be getting a big-screen adaptation. Previously in development at Fox, Warner Brothers now has it and is giving it over to former New Line heads Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne. Having been considered in the past to be difficult to adapt because of its storyline that spans centuries and a cast of characters that changes with each book (and in some cases, each story within the book), their goal for now is to just adapt the first book, and if it works out, follow on much like they did with The Lord Of The Rings. Fox had previously tried to adapt the trilogy into a single movie.

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  • chad

    Not suitable for conversion

    Not only does the trilogy span centuries with a revolving cast, but much of the series doesn’t really lend itself to action, romance, or suspense. I see the Foundation trilogy as more of a thinking person’s sci-fi, and I’m not sure how they would adapt it without completely losing touch with the books.

  • PumpHunter

    It’s not difficult

    What they mean is that they think the American audience is too stupid to understand it.

    This should be something the BBC did, if the others do it it will be the usual run of the mill nonsense.

    Oh well.

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