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Order a space painting, watch it being painted

by on Jul.30, 2008, under General News

The Thunder Child writes “I thought I’d share the news, which I’ve just put on my blog, Daily Space, that the “Sprayman” (a Slovenian artist) now offers live video streaming on his website – albeit for only 2 hours a day.

He creates space paintings – as well as other genres, using spraypaint. They look very cool, and its even funner to watch to see how he creates the effects and how long it takes him.

Check out my blog at: man-at-work.html for the link to his site, as well as the link to the interview I did with him last year.”

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  • chad


    I ran into a guy doing this on the street, in Seattle or thereabouts, about 15 years ago. There was a line of people waiting, and he was pulling in money as fast as he could paint.

    He used lids from plastic containers, spray paint, and a putty knife. I told him what I wanted (a moonscape), and he created it on the spot. Absolutely amazing. I have it hanging on the wall above my computer right now.

    The most interesting part of it was that he painted the foreground colors first, then covered them with lids and painted the background color. Or else he used the putty knife to mix the (still wet) layers of paint to create a unique foreground color.

  • PumpHunter


    Some of them have a bit too much fantasy to be what i consider pure space art – but still, very nice. If I had some money i might buy one 🙂

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