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SCI FI Wire gets redesign

by on Jan.05, 2009, under Web Sites

SCI FI Wire has gone through a redesign (the third web site I’ve been to today), and I just have to say I’m not impressed. It was always a good site to at least know what was going on in SF, although the stories could be terse and require more investigation. Recently they seemed to be more interested in making “lists” instead of news, and the new site design bears that out. I did eventually find the news, but the formatting of the pages is completely off.

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  • chad

    RSS Feed

    I use the RSS feed which seems to solve that particular problem. Note, however, that the feed URL has changed (probably with the site redesign).

    • Doc

      Re:RSS Feed

      I had the RSS feed available on the page, but looks like I need to remove it as it looks like they only support the Atom format now, which the current software doesn’t support (yes, I need to do something about that)

      • hossman

        Re:RSS Feed

        as a movable type powered blog, it automaticly has an rss feed, they just don’t advertise it…

        …so it could stop working at any moment, but then again: they’re old feed url was advertised and *it* stopped working for no reason other then incompetence and/or laziness on their part, so i don’t really see any reason not to consider this URL as reliable as the old one.

      • PumpHunter

        Re:RSS Feed

        Surely atom is an outdated format?

        Anyway, stop visiting websites before you get the whole web redesigned šŸ˜‰

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