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Chase Masterson Attends Phoenix Comicon

by on Jan.17, 2009, under Conventions

Kate Davids writes “Chase Masterson Attends Phoenix Comicon
Mesa –
As the convention date draws near, the Phoenix Comicon has added yet another guest: Chase Masterson. Along with the lady herself, her most recent film will be showing during the convention.
‘Chase has worked in everything from film noir to sci-fi to dramas like ‘ER’,’ says Matt Solberg, Convention Director, ‘She’s loved by fans, and we love having her with us.’
Read More for more details.

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Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase to appear on “Chuck”

by on Jan.17, 2009, under Television

PumpHunter writes “Former Quantum Leaper and Enterprise captain Scott Bakula has been cast on the NBCs comedy Chuck, as Chucks father. Chuck finds him bitter and paranoid living in a trailer, beliving that Chevy Chases character has gotten rich by stealing his ideas.”

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Jericho movie in early stages

by on Jan.16, 2009, under Movies

Jon Turteltaub, the executive producer of Jericho, while discussing about episodes of the series re-airing on The CW, mentioned that a theatrical feature is in development. As for the budget? ?Anything would be a huge budget compared to what we were dealing with,? he adds. ?If we had $40 million dollars to make a movie with, that?s 20 times more than we did before.?

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Fox, Warners settle Watchmen rights

by on Jan.16, 2009, under Movies

The drama over the rights to Watchmen appears to be over. Warner Bros. and Fox have reportedly reached a settlement over the rights to the Watchmen movie, due to be released in March. No details were disclosed.

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JMS gets BAFTA nomination

by on Jan.15, 2009, under General News

PumpHunter writes “J. Michael Straczynski, creator and writer most known for the sceience fiction TV series “Babylon 5”, has been nominated by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (the British Oscar) in the category best original screenplay, for the movie Changeling directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Angelina Jolie, both also nominated in their respective categories.
The awards ceremony will take place Sunday 8th of February 2009 at the Royal Opera House in London.”
Update: JMS’s response? “Sonuvagun…” and “And I’d thank my hairdresser if he or she could just find some hair to dress…”

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Ricardo Montalban has passed away

by on Jan.14, 2009, under Obituaries

Ricardo Montalban, best known as Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island and perhaps some Chrysler commercials but better known among genre fans in perhaps his best role as Khan Noonian Singh in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and also won an Emmy for role in How The West Was Won and the SAG Lifetime Achievement award in 1994, passed away this morning at the age of 88.

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Patrick McGoohan of The Prisoner has passed away

by on Jan.14, 2009, under Obituaries

The Thunder Child writes “Practically every news outlet is sharing the sad news that Patrick McGoohan passed away today at the age of 80, after a short illness.

Despite over 60 years of work, his classic series The Prisoner remains his most enduring legacy, and if you visit my blog entry today on Mr. McGoohan, you can view a 9-minute video of him being interviewed by Warner Troyan in 1977, in front of a live studio audience (posted at YouTube).

I’ll be having a Prisoner marathon tonight… I changed the title of the article to reflect the news, which I was about to post. Aside from his well known role in The Prisoner, McGoohan’s most recent major role was as King Edward Longshanks in Braveheart, also the evil Roger Devereau in Silver Streak, but also guest starred several times on Columbo, for which he won two Emmys.

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Lots of Galactica videos

by on Jan.12, 2009, under Television

Sorry for the delay – there was a problem getting webisodes 4 and 5 due to some confusion, but I finally have them – along with 6 through 9. You can find them all on our YouTube Channel. They may not be in perfect order, however because of how they got uploaded. I’d embed them, but NBC Universal loves to mark these as “copyright infringing”, even though their promotion company supplies them to me for this purpose. Until the “dispute” is resolved, I can’t embed them, but at least parts 4 and 5 are below if you Read More. I’ll add the rest when possible. Update: The three parts of “The Top 10 Things You Should Know” are now available as well below. Update 1/13: I’m afraid I’ve failed you. Well, my non-US readers at least. Apparently because of their “exclusive” relationship with Hulu, NBC Universal is not allowing me to post all of the videos – even though it was allowed in the past and they didn’t say anything this time. Not even sure why they provide the files then. Webisode 7 has already been stricken, and I expect 6 and 8 to go as well. No idea why 4, 5 and 9 haven’t been tagged. So I’m afraid I’m done with them. Update again: I am pulling the webisodes from my channel. SCI FI is supposed to upload these to their own channel for the non-US viewers shortly.

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Reminder: Stargate Atlantis finale tonight

by on Jan.09, 2009, under Television

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Ian McKellen talks Number 2 about The Prisoner

by on Jan.09, 2009, under Television

Ian McKellan, who plays Number 2, the controller of The Village in the upcoming AMC The Prisoner miniseries, talked a bit about the role and the show to some journalists. He talks about the approach to the role, about the show itself and how things will actually be explained, contrary to the original, and a bit about street surveillance. The Prisoner will air next November.

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