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Dollhouse getting boxed?

by on Apr.09, 2009, under Television

Joss Whedon’s fans were probably already a little leery about doing another show with Fox…and there may be reason. With the ratings seemingly on the increase, Fox will apparently not air the 13th episode, already shot and titled “Omega”, instead ending the season on May 8th with the 12th episode, “Epitaph One”. Various theories are in play, and everyone seems to be insisting that the show has not been canceled – but networks don’t seem to like saying that word even when its true…Update 4/10: Consulting producer Tim Minear clarifies a bit – Fox’s TV order ended with the 12th episode, because the original pilot was scrapped. However, a 13th episode was required for DVD contract fulfillment, so “Epitaph One” was filmed as a standalone episode for the DVD. Don’t know why Fox wouldn’t air that at some point as well – but I can also see holding it until AFTER the DVD release…

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  • PumpHunter

    The end

    Yeah, so it ends with “Omega”, which was the plan as i understand it – the other episode, “Epitaph One”, is a standalone set in the future.

    Of course they should show us everything 🙂

  • cb

    mixing your metaphors

    It should be “Dollhouse getting sent to the attic?”



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