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Holly-weirder: Dreamworks considering “View-Master” film adaptation

by on Jul.07, 2009, under Movies

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Dreamworks is looking to create a film based on the 3D View-Master toy – the one that used stereoscopic images on a round disk. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are attached to produce. Now, I’ve had several of these as a kid, and my kids have them too…but really, a movie?

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  • MrTester

    Everyone relax

    Seriously. Everyone is so ready to jump on the “Cant Hollywood come up with an original idea?” bandwagon that they dont even think before they say it.
    Everyone is assuming that someone sat back one day and thought “I need an idea for a movie. hmmmm. What about something with a View Master!”

    What this sounds like to me (and maybe Im wrong here) is someone came up with a story idea, it happened to involve View Masters and they needed to get the rights. Whats wrong with that?

    • Doc

      Re:Everyone relax

      Quite the opposite. I’ve been saying “no new ideas” for quite a while, when they started remaking movies before the film was even dry on the last one.

      But the article itself pretty much says that they are working to buy the rights to the toy, and then hand it over to Kurtzman and Orci and say “make it so.” If there is a story idea at this point, it certainly didn’t say so. But because some toy franchise was successfully turned into a movie (which already came with a story), they seem to think that it can be done again, but with far less.

      The same thing for “Asteroids”. There is no story to the video game – but they WANTED that, so the writer can start from a blank slate, simply capitalizing on the name.

      • iamsheridan

        Re:Everyone relax

        But isn’t this precisely what we’re looking for?! Making a movie about ViewMaster seems both original and new to me! I know that I could never come up with an idea like that.

        But now that my mind has opened, what’s next? A movie about radio? Or boats? You could have, like, boats in space!

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