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What show should get a reboot next?

by on Jan.11, 2010, under Television

We had a poll up for a long time about what show should get the reboot treatment next, with Blake’s 7 getting the nod (from the limited choices). Now Wired has gotten in on the act, with their list of 10 TV shows that should get the reboot. First on the list is Buck Rogers, which I’d go with. But then they followed up with the shows that readers wanted, with a larger list which includes some I think might be prime candidates: Blake’s 7, UFO, The Starlost, Space: 1999, and even Star Cops. And those best left forgotten: Salvage 1, and Earth 2 are best left to the fond memories, lest we are reminded of what they really were 🙂 Can I make any money as a consultant to the network on these things?

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