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Avatar breaks 1st-day BD sales records; in-progress review

by on Apr.23, 2010, under Movies, Video/DVD

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that got Avatarso did 5.5 million others, with 1.5 million of that being Blu-ray copies, beating The Dark Knight‘s 1st-day sales record – despite the promise of the 3D Blu-ray (and expanded) version later this year. I’m watching right now, so read on for an live in-progress review (check for updates) from someone who hasn’t seen the movie yet (yes, shame on me…)

WARNING: SPOILERS MAY BE BELOW, but I will try and keep it spoiler-free.

First, NO special features at all on the Blu-ray – not even previews. It opens right to the menu, and a horrible color choice – the selected menu item is a very light blue and hard to discern from the unselected options.

Visuals are AMAZING. Very realistic – probably the best I’ve seen yet. The facial expressions can actually be read.

Unobtanium – really?

The Na’vi speak pretty fluent English, especially the priestess or whatever she is. But they apparently are aware of the “dreamwalkers” – apparently attempts at contact have happened before.

Symbiotic relationships between the Na’vi and other animals? OR empathic/telepathic via contact?

Ah, the floating mountains…if these had somehow been on the gas giant, I might have believed it. I understand the “explanation” of it now, but still…

Hearing rumblings that a sequel might be set under water…

Nice feature – pause it, and it shows the chapter selection image, chapter name, and a progress bar as to how far into the feature you are…first BD I’ve seen this on.

The flying creatures remind me of very colorful kites – with teeth.

OK, the greenies vs. soldiers message is getting thick…

Giovanni Ribisi – looks so different now – a tad bit kid-like. Apparently he has the Paul Riser/company man role. Will he meet the same end?

Seeing some artistic echoes of scenes in The Abyss. Perhaps a little Braveheart as well? And Dances With Wolves.

Although you could see where the plot was heading, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable film. Some of the death scenes were jarring, but without being graphic.


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