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by on Jul.15, 2010, under Sci-Fi Storm

As we are closing in the 10th year anniversary of my flight of fancy called Sci-Fi Storm, I’m still trying to figure out what to do…is there interest in a full blown forum site for Sci-Fi in general? If there is, I’d gladly foot the bill to get a decent such system like vBulletin vs. a free solution like phpBB – but it can only work if we can get good discussions going. Do we have the interest?

Lately there hasn’t been much other than regurgitated news, mainly because of time constraints and also that I haven’t exactly been getting much in the way of review material either…although I’ve been planning a Retro Review of [sfs=859]The Starlost[/sfs] for a while…

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  • Chad Cloman

    For me, Sci-Fi Storm is a secondary sci-fi news sources, mainly because it’s so sporadic. But I find stuff here that I don’t find elsewhere.

  • Doc

    It was never meant to be a secondary source. Unfortunately I was late in a couple respects and very early in others. Getting additional contributors proved to be difficult given that anyone can have a blog now in about 30 seconds. Trying to monitor all the wires, etc. for interesting news is a very involved task, but I wanted this to be more than just a news aggregator. And I want to work on some new projects…I’m playing in the back of my mind of a 4x style SF game similar to several people are probably familiar with, but a web-based one with a more social aspect. But that is going to be a huge time sink.

    That is why I’m considering adding on something new. I take part in some pretty large discussion forums on different topics, but I haven’t looked around for one specific to SF. But of course, for one to work, it needs a user base…and the lack of comments around here lately makes me think that user base disappeared. I thought wordpress would have made it easier for people and make the site more social, but using better known software also made it a huge target for spambots…which is why I had to change the registration system.

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