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Want a free Being Human: Season 2 Blu-ray set?

by on Sep.23, 2010, under Television, Video/DVD

Interested in a free Blu-ray disc set of [asin=B003WEAW2M]Being Human: Season 2[/asin] (released last Tuesday)? I will send it to you – on the condition that you review it for us as soon as possible. If you think you can do a good review and have a Blu-ray player, make sure you register on this site, follow us on Twitter (@scifistorm), and then send email to storm AT with your username and your mailing address, and why you’d be good at reviewing. Note: you must be in the U.S. (can’t deal with exports and am not sure of rules sending the Canada in this case). I might be able to get you more things to review in the future as well…

By the way, follow us on Twitter anyways to get the headlines and links to the articles! Get your SF friends to follow as well! I will probably work on a Facebook page shortly as well, as I may have some new content that could make use of that shortly…

Update: No takers? I know it isn’t in the genre I normally cover…


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  • rmgrotkierii

    That’s awesome that you will be having new content! I’ve been following this site for a while now, I believe I was user 162 or 192 (I can’t remember which). And that recently you mentioned about the future of this site. I do use it as my primary source of SciFi news. I wish I wasn’t so shy and posted more often on here to let you know that people do like and use this site! I unfortunately don’t have a blu-ray player otherwise I wouldn’t mind doing a review on the blu-ray (aren’t they really just DVD’s at 1080 versus 720 (yes I do know blu-ray uses different technology versus DVD before someone points out the obvious to me šŸ˜‰ )) set.

    • Doc

      Thanks for speaking up!

      The difference between Blu-ray and DVD is striking, although it often depends on being able to see it side-by-side unless you know what you are looking for. It’s more than “1080 vs. 720”. The specs of both allow different resolutions, but DVDs top out at 480 (NTSC). But in all cases, DVD use interlaced frames, whereas Blu-ray allows for up to 1080 progressive frames. Blu-ray’s “worst” resolution is DVD’s best.

      But of course you need a monitor capable of displaying it, and then there is the HD audio…still have to invest in that…

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