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College of Sci Fi Knowledge: Radiation Theater Quiz Book

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Fun Stuff, Movies

The Thunder Child is proud to announce its first science fiction quiz book, the Eye Sci Fi edition (that is, movies).

There’s nothing new under the sun, and many of today’s best science fiction movies are either remakes, homages, or owe a debt of gratitude to the classic movies of the 1950s…the “radiation theater” where atomic testing was rampant and so were giant bugs of all kinds. When aliens visited us…and took us over, and when we first reached out and explored the stars.

Do you like Alien? Check out It! The Terror From Beyond the Stars. Did you like The Terminator? Check out The Invisible Boy. Did you like Star Trek: TOS? Check out Forbidden Planet.

But of course you like them, which is why you’re going to test your knowledge of radiation theater with this quiz book. Over 200 questions, and profusely illustrated.

Table of Contents
1.In the Beginning -Identify the movie from the very first line or lines said by its characters.
2.The Secrets of the Krell-Can Your Ape Brains Answer These Trivia Questions?
3.Still Life -Identify the movie based on a still
4.They All Have Families -Identify the movie based on the production crew
5.You May Call Me…. -Identify the movie based on the name of the characters
6.Things to Come-Identify the movie based on the purple prose of the trailer
7.It Conquered the World-Identify the movie by a location
8.A Star is Born-Identify the actor based on his, or her, SF ouvre
9.That Was Probably Very Clever-Who said what, to whom, and in what movie
10. The End? -Identify the movie from the very last line or lines said by its characters.

[asin=B004LX0DN6]College of Sci Fi Knowledge: Radiation Theater[/asin]

This is a Kindle book, but if you don’t have a Kindle, no problem – download a free emulator for your Mac or PC.

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