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Spoilerific title for upcoming Doctor Who?

by on Mar.28, 2011, under Television

So the twitterverse is abuzz about the title of Episode 4 of the upcoming Doctor Who series, which is being taken as a spoiler. I’m not entirely sure myself as there could be many twists. Don’t read the below title if you don’t want any chance of being spoiled.

Really, don’t.

Are you still here?

OK, you asked for it.

Spoiler protection: hover your pointer below:

“The Doctor’s Wife”

So, now everyone jumps on the assumption that this is referring to River Song, who has long been alluded to that she is likely to have married the Doctor in her past (his future). Of course, she’s famous for often saying, “Spoilers!” whenever the subject of what is in the Doctor’s future comes up.

But we’ve already been treated to the title of “The Doctor’s Daughter”, and there’s plenty o f room for debate on that one. So it will remain to be seen what is up. This is apparently Neil Gaiman’s episode, so who knows?


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