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Frakes talks about work, including why Paramount buried Trek

by on Apr.08, 2011, under Television

I can’t say I’m surprised at all, but as part of an interview with UGO, Jonathan Frakes talked about (among his other projects, which includes directing his wife in an episode of the web series Bar Karma and a possible Gargoyles movie) how Paramount milked Star Trek to death, and have since turned down proposals from Frakes, Bryan Singer, and even William Shatner for new shows. “They feel at CBS Paramount that they don’t want to make the same mistake that’s been made before, which was watering down the brand by having a TV show and a movie,” according to Frakes. “That’s what happened with Star Trek: Nemesis, and that’s why I think Star Trek: Enterprise didn’t last the way they expected to. It was the classic corporate greed of ‘we’ve got something good, so let’s continue to milk it’ and we milked it so dry that the fans had no appetite for a movie.” So wait, someone in Hollywood actually learned a lesson?


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  • Miguel Farah

    “So wait, someone in Hollywood actually learned a lesson?”

    Seems so… albeit ist’s the wrong one. The main reason Nemesis was such a bomb is that it was a monumentally BAD movie (and a weak _Enterprise_ series didn’t help matters).

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