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Star Wars live action series may be shot in Prague – in 3 or 4 years

by on Jun.13, 2011, under Movies, Television

A bit of the “I Toldja!” – in an interview with producer Rick McCallum for, he confirmed that there only have 50 “third draft” scripts for the live action Star Wars series, not 50 hours “in the can” as was so widely reported, but we seriously doubted…but he also gave a lot more information about the show than we’ve gotten so far.

The article primarily dealt with how the Czech Republic may for into plans to produce the series – the country is a developing hotbed for TV and movie productions due to costs and locations available. And some of the Lucas and McCallum produced “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” was shot in the capital of Prague, as was most of Red Tails, a Lucasfilm production about the Tuskegee Airmen that will be released next January. And it looks like this Star Wars series may got shot there as well – but don’t go buying your airline tickets yet.

“The TV series is on hold, but that has nothing to do with the Czech Republic; it has to do with [the episodes being] so ambitious,” McCallum told Czech Position. “We have 50 hours of third-draft scripts, but the problem we have is there is a lot of digital animation; we don’t have the technology yet to be able to do them at a price that is safe for television. Since we would be financing them, it would be suicide for us to do this [now]. So we are going to wait three or four years.” And perhaps even more distressing is that even then, he thinks it might be impossible. “Network television and cable television as we know it are completely imploding, so we’re not really sure that in five years’ time we can release a dramatic one-hour episode because it is all reality TV now,” he added.

But we get a hint of the plot. “Basically, it is like The Godfather; it’s the Empire slowly building up its power base around the galaxy, what happens in Coruscant, which is the major capital, and it’s [about] a group of underground bosses who live there and control drugs, prostitution,” McCallum said.

Well, at least we have an idea of what we may never see…


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  • megaboz

    “Basically, it is like The Godfather … it’s about a group of underground bosses who live there and control drugs, prostitution”

    So it’s a live action, dramatic Star Wars series targeted at kids, right?

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