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Why Star Wars stands the test of time

by on Sep.09, 2011, under Movies

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Why Star Wars Stands the Test of Time

It’s been in our lives for nearly 35 years, and yet Star Wars is as great now as it was in 1977, and with the new prequels to boot, still popular with audiences everywhere! This feature looks as why Lucas’ space saga is still on the “most loved” list.

The Fans

Star Wars has some of the most loyal fans of any movie series, thousands around the world flock to conventions yearly to swap collectables and indulge in authentic live-action role-plays.



The Costumes

Star Wars has some of the most memorable and iconic costumes of any film, the most imitated being Darth Vader’s obsidian masterpiece. The costume designers that completed the character took elements from four separate areas: an ecclesiastical monk’s cloak, a World War II German helmet and gas mask, an undersuit made from leather motorcycle clothing and a medieval breastplate. With the abundance of costumes available, you can make sure that no one – even your pets! – miss out on the action.

The Parodies

It is undoubtedly one of the most parodied film franchises ever, with spoofs being created 20 years after the release of the films. Parodies like Spaceballs, Robot Chicken and even recent tributes like internet sensation Chad Vader are all part of its continuing legacy.

The Force

It is the omnipresent power only to be harnessed by intense Jedi training, it is what gives Darth  Vader the power to kill people without touching them, it is what made people all over the world stare at an inanimate object and believe – if only for a second – that they could move it with their mind. It is also what makes the movies so compelling, the power of the force to turn those who harbour it to the dark side.

The Lightsabers

Star Wars has allowed young boys, and unquestionably grown men too, to occupy them with the most fun toy in existence – the lightsaber. With all the different sizes, shapes and colours, there is nothing more satisfying that flicking your arm out to watch the plastic extend into a lightsaber – especially if you had one that lit up!

What makes Star Wars so special to you?


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