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Syfy’s Powerful Mondays sneak peeks, including Eureka season finale

by on Sep.15, 2011, under Television

It’s another all-new Powerful Monday on Syfy, starting with the 4th season finale of Eureka!

Carter and Jo make a stop near a creek with Dr. Plotkin to check in on Taggert. Plotkin and Taggert continue their feud as Plotkin is there to pick up a scientific instrument that belongs to him, while Taggert is explaining why his own research benefits all life on the planet. All of a sudden, as Plotkin is retrieving his planted rod, Taggert’s truck is mysteriously sucked into the sky. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in to the season finale at 8/7c to see if Plotkin had something to do with it, or if external factors are at work.

“One Giant Leap”:

In Warehouse 13, Myka and Pete are investigating the woods in the chirps of the night, and Myka leaves Pete at the car to fend for himself. Every small sound starts to give him the jitters so he runs to follow Myka and then claims he was worried about her. As they get deeper into the forest, they hear what sounds like an animal eating something, but it’s exactly the opposite. You’ll have to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c on Syfy to see if Myka and Pete decide to stay and make friends with the ravenous or if they bolt back to the car.


Finally, the Alphas teaser clip shows there’s internal struggle as there may be a traitor on the team. Everyone wants to be able to point a finger at someone else, but who’s holding back? All the evidence claims it came from the team, but did it? Be sure to watch the clip and tune in on Monday at 10/9c on Syfy to see who’s guilty.

“The Unusual Suspects”:

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