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Syfy’s Neverland – How the great adventure began – plus new previews

by on Nov.28, 2011, under Television

Next Sunday will mark the debut of Syfy’s latest fairy tale mini-series, Neverland, which will air in two parts on Sunday, December 4th, and Monday, December 5th, at 9/8c. Unlike the previous mini-series (Tin Man and Alice), it is not a twisted retelling of the story, but actually an origin prequel which explains how Peter became the “boy who never grew up”, how James Hook became a pirate captain who battles Peter, and how they and the Lost Boys found themselves in a place called Neverland where no one grows old. It stars Rhys Ifans as James Hook, Charlie Rowe as Peter Pan, and Anna Friel as pirate captain Elizabeth Bonny, along with Bob Hoskins (reprising his Hook role as Smee), Charles Dance (Dr. Fludd), Q’orianka Kilcher (the Native American princess Aaya), and Keira Knightley (the voice of Tinker Bell).
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HerUniverse adds Eureka holiday tote bag, plus other new merchandise

by on Nov.28, 2011, under Fun Stuff, Television

Our friend Ashley Eckstein and her HerUniverse brand has added some new merchandise for the holiday season, including some Cyber Monday deals…including this cute Eureka holiday-themed tote bag, featuring the characters in one of the many animated forms they take in the upcoming holiday episode, airing next Tuesday, December 6th.

Other new items include other Syfy products, such as a Battlestar Galactica pajama set, a Viper wings necklace, a Warehouse 13 burnout T-shirt, and a Sharktopus T-shirt (including a first-ever Mens version). On the Star Wars side, there is a “Daddy Issues” thermal hoodie and a Jedi charm. Plus, there are a limited number of Cylon “Toaster” necklaces (previously a convention exclusive), and also right now with any purchase you can get a free holiday Yoda pin!

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Steven Moffat also confirms – Doctor Who will return in the Fall

by on Nov.28, 2011, under Television

Just in case you were still holding out hope that everyone was wrong, Steven Moffat chimed in to say that Doctor Who will return in the fall. He mentions that one reason is that traditionally it was a Fall show, not aired with “All those barbecues and children playing outside, while on the telly there are green monsters seething in their CGI-enhanced lairs? It’s just not right is it?” But he also adds, “But it’s not the whole story.”

Sounds like there were still production reasons at work.

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Thanksgiving and King Kong

by on Nov.28, 2011, under Web Sites

The Thunder Child is very proud to announce that James H. (Jim) Burns has joined the writing staff of The Thunder Child. Jim was one of the first writers for Starlog magazine, way back in the 1970s, a contributing editor to Fantastic Films, and contributed articles to Cinefantastique, Starburst and Twilight Zone magazines.

And now he’s writing for us.

First up, a trilogy of articles on King Kong – the original. First he reminisces about him, his father, and the tradition – long before today’s satellite TV, of watching King Kong every Thanksgiving.

Part 2 is his reminisces of Chris Steinbrunner (author of The Films of Sherlock Holmes, Detectionary, and Cinema of the Fantastic).

And Part 3 is a special treat, entitled, Meanwhile, Back at the Empire State Building. I don’t want to give that away so check it out for yourself.

Start out at KIng Kong in the City.

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Sanctuary preview: “Chimera” – airing Tuesday

by on Nov.28, 2011, under Television

Note: “Chimera” has a special airing early this week – Tuesday, November 29th at 10/9c, as well as it’s normal Friday slot.

Magnus and Tesla are transported to a virtual Sanctuary. The virtual Sanctuary looks exactly like the real Sanctuary which initially causes them confusion as to whether they were transported or not. They come to realize that the computer is using their conscience to build the digital cloud around them as well as what it is in its own database. While they are discussing this, something rushes past them and disappears. Brushing off the disturbance, the two get to the task at hand and decide to start their search in Henry’s lab. They call the elevator and luckily they look before stepping in as there is nothing but a big hole where the elevator should be. Catch an all new episode of Sanctuary tomorrow, November 29th at 10/9c!
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