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Merlin: The Complete Third Season DVD review

by on Jan.22, 2012, under Television, Video/DVD

[sfs=1188]Merlin: The Complete Third Season[/sfs] was released on DVD by BBC this past week, just as the fourth series picks up on Syfy. The third series picks up a year after Morgana disappeared and the Great Dragon had ravaged Camelot before Merlin’s newly gained Dragonlord powers stopped him. Morgana’s disappearance has left Uther distraught while all his forces look for her. She is found, and appears to even forgive Merlin – but her schemes have not changed, and if anything, are more daring as she attempts to take the throne for herself with the help of Morgause (who we see more in this series). In the meantime, Arthur sees more in Gwen, which could be dangerous for her, while Lancelot returns and we are introduced to Gwaine, Percival, and Elyan (Gwen’s brother) who become Knights of Camelot. Throughout the season, we see Morgana and Morgause plot and scheme to take over Camelot, but others also have plans to murder Uther and take the crown.
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