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Saying goodbye for the upcoming season of Eureka

by on Mar.25, 2012, under Television

You are leaving Eureka The final season of Eureka is just a few weeks away, and it promises to be exciting, funny…and sad at at the same time.

I was fortunate enough to receive the press kit that previews the final season, which is itself as well done as the show (see above). It’s a solid, thick town sign that says, “THANK YOU FOR VISITING EUREKA”. It opens up to reveal the preview DVD, along with booklet with pictures, and the cast answering some questions.

Without spoiling anything, in the first three episodes we will see the resolution to what happened to the Astraeus mission, the return of an old “friend”, a bit of The Matrix, dragons, and a particular scene I REALLY don’t want to spoil, but had me yelling “NO!” at the screen…
Some of the questions that were answered in the booklet:

“What invention from Eureka would you want to take with you into the real world?”

Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter): “The teleportation device. I would love if I didn’t have to go through two hours of security clearance and site through seven hours on a flight.”

Erica Cerra (Jo Lupo): “There was an episode about diamond-making pressure. Who wouldn’t take that? I’d have a diamond dress with diamond shoes.”

Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo): “Zane’s Sky Bike. It’s like a motorcycle except it flies. That’s awesome.” Neil definitely loves that sky bike…he mentioned it in 2010 as well.

But as for this being the last season, several answered the question, “What will you miss most?”

Colin Ferguson: “I’ll miss the people. The crew…the actors…the guys who watch my back every day.”

Erica Cerra: “The cast and crew. The show has been a great experience and it’s been a lot of fun…we have such a wonderful family…it’s one of the best around.”

Niall Natter (Zane Donovan): “Every single person. We’ve got something really special here.”

And of that I have no doubt. I’ve always gotten the impression that this cast has fun in what they do, and having met several of them and seen how genuine they are, it will be a great loss to not have them working together regularly. I’m saddened by the fact that I may not get to meet some of them again at the next event, or some that I haven’t yet met.

And lastly, some special thank yous to the fans:

Colin Ferguson: “You guys made the show by tuning in…giving us feedback…participating….and allowing us to develop our lives. Than you for your help.”

Erica Cerra: “We really appreciate all of your loyalty and your great, kind words. I just think you guys are the best.”

Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison Blake): “I see how much you’ve loved and cared for us and I have a feeling I will never experience something like this again…thank you so much.”

Neil Grayston: “Thank you everybody for watching Eureka and making it what it was these past few years. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Joe Morton (Henry Deacon): “To all the Syfy fans…there is no phrase that can completely express how thankful we are that you kept us on for so long.”

And with that…let’s enjoy the final season of Eureka! I know it will be fun and enjoyable, but I can’t help having a tear in my eye as I know this is goodbye…the final season begins on Monday, April 16th at 9/8c.


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