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Could The Hobbit become part of a trilogy?

by on Jul.16, 2012, under Movies

We already know The Hobbit was being split up into two films, with subtitles “An Unexpected Journey” and “There and Back Again”. But producer/director Peter Jackson sparked rumors that it could in fact become three movies!

While speaking at Comic-Con during which he showed footage of the films, he said that he’d like to film some more footage. “We’ve been certainly talking to the studio about some of the material we can’t film,” he said. “And we’ve been asking them if we can do a bit more filming next year. Which I don’t know what would come of that, whether that would be extended additions or not. But those discussions are ongoing. I’d like to shoot a bunch more material that we can’t shoot. There’s so much good stuff in the appendices that we haven’t been able to squeeze into these movies. That’s a discussion that we’re having.”

It appears that the stuff they “can’t” film is stuff from the appendices, but that they DO have rights to film material from notes that Tolkien made about The Hobbit, and was included in the end of Return of the King.

But with the first movie making it’s debut this December, is it too late to be thinking about reorganizing the films to add footage?

Update: I missed this, but the studio (Warner Bros) told Variety there are “no planned or surprise announcements” involving a third film. “The plan was always for two.”

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Universal Studios announces Silent Hill maze for Halloween Horror Nights

by on Jul.16, 2012, under Fun Stuff, Games, Movies

Popular horror game and movie series Silent Hill will get a little more real this fall, when both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida adds a maze themed on the property to their Halloween Horror Nights events for 2012 – just before the latest movie installment, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, is released nationwide on October 26th.

From the press release:
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Boxleitner developing steampunk TV series Lantern City

by on Jul.16, 2012, under Television

Bruce Boxleitner, the title star of Tron and star of Babylon 5, announced this past weekend he is developing a new TV series called Lantern City, which aims to bring the steampunk genre to mainstream TV.

Lantern City is described as:

The new Steampunk show Lantern City, from executive producer Bruce Boxleitner, is an exciting foray into fan-inspired and fan-created television. It combines first-rate storytelling, innovative production design, and a rich world that fans will fall in love with. Even though it will blend great science fiction with dynamic storylines, at its heart the show asks two questions: how far would you go to be with the person you love and what lengths would you go to in order to survive?

Lantern City highlights the steampunk genre to create a one-of-a-kind television experience. Other properties have had Steampunk elements, but this is the first mainstream television show to proudly wear the label of Steampunk. Current fans of the subgenre will not be disappointed and it will attract a much wider audience to the long neglected world of Steampunk. The show is unique in that it allows viewers to be involved in the process – a first for any television show.

More information is available at the official web site.

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