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Universal Studios announces Silent Hill maze for Halloween Horror Nights

by on Jul.16, 2012, under Fun Stuff, Games, Movies

Popular horror game and movie series Silent Hill will get a little more real this fall, when both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida adds a maze themed on the property to their Halloween Horror Nights events for 2012 – just before the latest movie installment, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, is released nationwide on October 26th.

From the press release:
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Boxleitner developing steampunk TV series Lantern City

by on Jul.16, 2012, under Television

Bruce Boxleitner, the title star of Tron and star of Babylon 5, announced this past weekend he is developing a new TV series called Lantern City, which aims to bring the steampunk genre to mainstream TV.

Lantern City is described as:

The new Steampunk show Lantern City, from executive producer Bruce Boxleitner, is an exciting foray into fan-inspired and fan-created television. It combines first-rate storytelling, innovative production design, and a rich world that fans will fall in love with. Even though it will blend great science fiction with dynamic storylines, at its heart the show asks two questions: how far would you go to be with the person you love and what lengths would you go to in order to survive?

Lantern City highlights the steampunk genre to create a one-of-a-kind television experience. Other properties have had Steampunk elements, but this is the first mainstream television show to proudly wear the label of Steampunk. Current fans of the subgenre will not be disappointed and it will attract a much wider audience to the long neglected world of Steampunk. The show is unique in that it allows viewers to be involved in the process – a first for any television show.

More information is available at the official web site.

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Whedonverse at Comic-Con: Dr. Horrible to air on CW; Firefly reunion

by on Jul.15, 2012, under Fun Stuff, Television

TV|Line has been giving some quick summaries of some Comic-Con panels, and one of the big ones was the Firefly reunion panel, which brought together Joss Whedon and most of the cast (Gina Torres, Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin could not attend)…and resulted in a few tears among the panelists.

What seemed to make this cast so special began with Nathan Fillion, who was determined to make the cast and crew a family. According to Alan Tudyk, “Right at the beginning, when we first started shooting the series, Nathan came up to all the actors and said, ‘We’re learning all the names [of the cast and crew].’ It became a game [that] brought everybody together as a family.”
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Jaime Murray believes Warehouse 13 spinoff can still happen with Defiance

by on Jul.13, 2012, under Television

I may not be at San Diego Comic-Con (did I mention that?), but I know many of the press who are: Michael Hinman at Airlock Alpha has a nice article about Jaime Murray, who played H.G. Wells on Warehouse 13 and will star in the highly-anticipated Syfy series Defiance, and the fact that if Syfy still wanted to move forward with a possible Warehouse 13 spinoff based on her character, she believes it would still be possible to work both series.

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Gaiman announces Sandman prequel for 25th anniversary

by on Jul.13, 2012, under Comics

Yesterday Neil Gaiman announced on twitter that he is going to finally write a story about how Morpheus became imprisoned, which leads in to his original Sandman graphic novel story that was first published in 1988.

The mini-series will start publishing in November 2013, and will be released digitally at the same time.

See his video announcement below:
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Lost Girl preview: “Barometz. Trick. Pressure.”

by on Jul.13, 2012, under Television

In next Monday’s new Lost Girl, Trick takes matters into his own hands to forsee the future. Tune in Mondat, July 16th, at 10/9c to Syfy! (Programming Note: After this episode, Lost Girl will move to Friday nights with another new episode on July 20th at 10/9c)
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The Walking Dead Escape” at Comic-Con

by on Jul.12, 2012, under Conventions

San Diego Comic-Con kicked off formally today (have I mentioned yet that I’m not there again this year? :() and so far, most of what I’ve seen is Twilight, Twilight, and Twilight. However, there are a few cool things to be seen. One of the best may be the “The Walking Dead Escape”, set up over at Petco Park.

THR has a video giving a glimpse of it before unleashing the “survivors” (and the walkers) in it (see below). It’s a post-zombiepocalypse obstacle course, where “survivors” can pay $75 and take a run at it, which could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to complete. Spectators can pay $15 just to watch. And it will include 650 “walkers” in full makeup done by The Walking Dead‘s own Greg Nicotero and his team.
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HerUniverse adds Doctor Who and Star Trek to apparel lineup

by on Jul.12, 2012, under Gear, Television

Our friend and favorite fangirl Ashley Eckstein and her Her Universe brand has added two new properties to her apparel line – Doctor Who and Star Trek! (Apparently these were announced while I was on vacation, but they went on sale this week!)

"Something Borrowed" Her Universe T-shirtIn her Star Trek shop, there are Enterprise-D and Uhura uniform T-shirts, an “I’ve got a crush on Crusher” T (I wonder if she wears that around Comic-Con and happens upon Wil Wheaton what would happen…), an “I Grok Spock” T, and a “LLAP” (Live Long and Prosper) purple women’s polo.

Out of the Whoniverse comes three T-shirt styles: A “Hell in High Heels” V-neck featuring some high heels, referring to what the Doctor called River Song; a “Something Blue” V-neck with a drawing of the TARDIS and the “Something borrowed…” saying; and a scoop-neck T featuring the Van Gogh painting of the exploding TARDIS!

So jealous…heck, I’d wear a Princess Leia hoodie if I could go to Comic-Con this year…

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Eureka series finale preview: “Just Another Day”

by on Jul.12, 2012, under Television

The episode may be called “Just Another Day”, But I’m sure it will hardly be one, as we bid farewell to the residents of the town of Eureka, and the characters we’ve come to love over five years. Let’s hope this isn’t the absolute last we see or hear of Jack, Fargo, Henry, Allison, Zane, Vincent, Holly, Isaac and the rest…

In the series finale, airing on Syfy next Monday at 9/8c, wormholes start popping up all over, threatening to rip Eureka apart unless Carter can stop them. Catch the preview below…
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WHOA! JMS to announce “Studio JMS”, a multi-platform media company

by on Jul.11, 2012, under Movies, Television

I was just posting the previous article talking about the new STARZ series that were in development and what JMS has been teasing about for Comic-Con, and Deadline broke this news: he is announcing Studio JMS, a new multi-platform media company to handle all of his output under one roof. JMS develops and writes projects for all sorts of different platforms, including comic books, TV, and movies.

Studio JMS will be co-run by Patricia Tallman, who starred in JMS’s series Babylon 5 as telepath Lyta Alexander among many other acting and stunt roles, and also ran her own business, Talent To Go.

Among the things under development: The Flickering Light, to be directed by JMS, about Nazi propaganda director Leni Reifenstahl and the film she made using concentration camp prisoners; The Adventures Of Apocalypse Al, a web series for; Living Dead The Musical, another web series; Epidemic for Overbrook Entertainment; Vlad Dracula for Starz; and a revival of his Joe’s Comics imprint with Image Comics.

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