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Could we see “Director’s Cut” type enhancements to Harry Potter novels, plus a side story?

by on Sep.26, 2012, under Books

It seems that J.K. Rowling wishes she spent more time on a couple of her Harry Potter novels – and she may do something about it.

Currently doing publicity for her first adult-aimed novel [asin=0316228532]The Casual Vacancy[/asin] (released tomorrow), she spoke with BBC arts editor Will Gompertz, and mentioned the desire to re-work a couple of the books, saying she didn’t spend enough time on them.

“There were a couple of the Potters and I definitely knew that they needed another year,” she said. “I had to write on the run and there were times when it was really tough. And I read them, and I think ‘Oh God, maybe I’ll go back and do a director’s cut’, I don’t know. But you know what, I’m proud I was writing under the conditions under which I was writing, no one will ever know how tough it was at times.”

She doesn’t say specifically which ones, but says, “There’s one towards the beginning and there’s one towards the end, that I definitely felt that about.”

So it seems we’ll now be buying “special editions” of books like we do DVDs…

Separately, I’m hearing rumblings that Rowling is also considering another story in the Harry Potter universe – not dealing with Harry directly, but a side story. In the interview she mentions that as far as she is concern Harry’s story is done, and won’t write a book for “money for old rope,” but if she came up with a great idea for a story in that universe, she’d probably do it. But some local media outlets (including my own) are reporting that she’s actually considering such a story…however I’d caution that they may be interpreting her remarks differently.


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