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Defiance – this may be the show you’ve been waiting for

by on Mar.12, 2013, under Television

This may just be the show you’ve been waiting for from Syfy. Aliens. Spaceships. Frontier justice. Interesting characters. Monster bugs. Bullets. Energy weapons. An alien world – that just happens to be Earth in 30 years.

Let me set the stage for you…in April 2013, gigantic alien ships appear in the skies above Earth. on board are the refugees of the Votanis star system – binary star system that gave rise to a number of intelligent races that was destroyed 5,000 years ago. These Votans, as they are collectively called, escaped their system aboard these Arks – giant ships on board which they slept for thousands of years en route to a suitable planet on which they could terraform and live – which they did not expect to be inhabited.

For years, negotiations between the Votans and humans dragged on, with distrust of both sides. Eventually some 10 years later, the U.N. grants a large amount of land in Brazil to the Votans, but when a human assassin kills a Votan representative, everything falls apart and the Pale Wars begin – a series of global conflicts that lasted for 9 more years.

Towards the end of the war, all of the Votan Arks are mysteriously destroyed in orbit. But this results in not only debris from the Arks crashing to Earth, but also the terra-spires – giant terraforming devices that wreak havoc and forever change the the landscape, flora and fauna of the Earth.
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