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Logan’s Run on the move again, now with Bioshock‘s Ken Levine handling the script

by on Jun.18, 2013, under Movies

Every couple of years, we get teased…but the Logan’s Run remake, long in development hell, is showing life once more.

Ken Levine, who was once a screenwriter before moving to video games and creating he massively successful Bioshock franchise, is set to work on a script for Jon Berg at Warner Bros. At last report, Andrew Baldwin was working on a script for Nicolas Winding Refn (with Green Lantern‘s Ryan Gosling attached), and there were several writers and directors with their hands on it before that, mostly under the auspices of Joel Silver. So until they start filming, I don’t have my hopes up.

Logan’s Run is a 1967 novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, about a dystopian future society where population is strictly controlled, and everyone must willingly submit to euthanasia on the day they turn 21. Logan, a “Sandman”, is responsible for tracking down those evading their fates, called “runners”, who attempt to escape the society and find the legendary Sanctuary – but in turn becomes one himself.

The novel was adapted in to a film in 1976 starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter, but the plot was modified placing them within a domed city after some unspecified apocalypse, and the age limit is raised to 30.


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  • ddreese

    This may be a difference between the novel and the movie, but I thought that you got the crystal in your palm when you were 21, but it turned black at 29, and that’s when they had to turn themselves in….?

    • Doc

      In the movie, they are “born” with the Life Clock crystal. They show an infant with a clear crystal (which is also why when Logan comes back in to the city, he shows them and yells, “It’s Clear!” implying he was Renewed. They don’t specify if this is attached to you right after birth.

      It turned yellow, then green, then red…the exact divisions weren’t clear, but I believe red was at 21. On Lastday, it blinked, and turned black if you didn’t go through Carousel for Renewal.

      In the book, it’s a little different. They called it a “palm flower”, and the colors were yellow at birth, blue at 7, red at 14, and black at 21 (blinking the day before). It’s been many ages since I’ve seen the book, so I forget if they say how they get it.

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