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A quick glimpse of what’s in store for Being Human

by on Dec.30, 2013, under Television

Syfy’s Being Human returns for its fourth season on January 13th, but we’ve had a brief glimpse into the future…and it involves a lot of running…

Way back in October, I was fortunately enough to visit the Being Human set and meet some of the production staff, crew and of course the stars of the show, along with a brief glimpse of the season premiere.

(you can see pictures of the visit, along with several other pics from the trip here on our Facebook page. While you are there, go ahead and like the page!)

Since then, I’ve seen a bit further into the future – about two episodes worth…

According to showrunner Anna Fricke, the theme for season 4 will be “Destiny”, and how the four roommates come to terms with what they are. However, they do need to deal with what happened at the end of last season: Josh not only has his wolf back, but is stuck as the wolf; Sally was dragged through her death spot to who knows where by Donna; and the vampires are in shambles after a widespread virus.

Skip the next paragraph if you want to avoid any spoilers however minor…

The problems we were left with at the end of the last season do get resolved in the first couple episodes, which pick up three months later…sort of. But there will be long term consequences. The vampires are recovering, and Boston has a new leader…a rather surprising one. And Aidan has another person return from his past. During the set visit, we sat the house but it was different – decorated for what appears to be an earlier time frame, so it seems we may see things from the house’s past. And there was a “secret room”, which wasn’t explained, but it appears to have been a child’s room in the 60s or 70s, with crayon drawings on the wallpaper. But that’s as spoilery as I want to get. Well, except for a line from the beginning of the first episode I laughed out loud at: “I’m not Hermione Frickin’ Granger!”

Check out the picture from the link above to get a better glance of the set!

I had hoped to get a transcript of the cast talk as it went pretty fast, but given that it’s hard to tell when those guys are joking or being serious, I’m not sure it would have helped 🙂 Let’s just say that it’s fun to watch them interact…Meaghan Rath did joke a bit about working with her brother, Defiance‘s Jesse Rath, who appeared last season on Being Human playing Sally’s brother and it looks like he’ll be back this season. She said it’s “like working with myself.” They also joked that the part of Meaghan Rath would now be played by Jesse Rath…but we did learn that we’ll see more of “Bad Aidan”, as well as Aidan trying to be more of a “father figure”.

That’s about it…it was great to visit the set and see our friends…wish we could have spent more time with them, but we had to book it across town to the set of Helix


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