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Harrison Ford injures ankle on Star Wars, fans freak out as Internet blows it out of proportion

by on Jun.13, 2014, under Movies

[Edit…I have reason to believe the picture below was modified from the original where the sign said something else…but still, it’s humorous]

So the geekdom side of the Internet had a practical meltdown of sorts as word of Harrison Ford getting injured on the set and needing to be taken to a hospital spread faster than point five past light speed, and the injury just started getting more gruesome as it went through various questionable “sensational headline” sites that are popping up everywhere, at one point saying Ford had been “crushed” – by the Millenium Falcon, no less.

Yes, he injured his ankle, and the latest reliable reports indicate that it is simply a fracture – not surprising given that Ford is 71. But Ford is having some fun with his clumsiness at least, with this picture making the rounds:

Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery. Filming will continue while he recuperates, and reports of the release date having to be pushed back this far are unfounded.


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