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AMC orders up 15 episode second season of Fear The Walking Dead

by on Jul.31, 2015, under Television

Wasting no time as usual, AMC during a Television Critics Association panel confirmed that they’ve already ordered up a second season of spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead, with 15 episodes. The first season of six episodes starts August 23rd.

FTWD is set in Los Angeles and deals with the outbreak of the virus and will address the collapse of civilization and the response of the government and the military.

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Dark Matter preview: Episode 8

by on Jul.28, 2015, under Television

On the next episode of Dark Matter, the crew stops at a space station to refuel and rest, but Six has a different agenda — revenge. Tunr in Friday at 10/9c on Syfy!
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Killjoys preview: “Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye”

by on Jul.27, 2015, under Television

The search to uncover the mystery behind D’avin’s missing memories triggers a shocking incident that will haunt the team. Guest starring Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1, Sanctuary).

Tune in for “Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye” Friday night at 9/8c!
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Stitchers preview: “Future Tense”

by on Jul.27, 2015, under Television

The Stitchers team investigates the murder of an online psychic whose symbolic, layered memories are further complicated when Kristen sees the murder of another person in the stitch. Maggie expresses her reservations about Kirsten’s relationship with Liam. Meanwhile, Camille hesitantly agrees to meet Linus’s parents.

“Future Tense” airs at 9/8c Tuesday on ABC Family!
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Jurassic World sequel already gets release date; Pratt to return

by on Jul.24, 2015, under Movies

Universal Pictures has already set a release date of June 22nd, 2018, for a sequel to the summer blockbuster Jurassic World sequel, which does not have an official name yet, but stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are confirmed to return, and writer/director Colin Trevorrow will write the script, but is not likely to return as director as rumors have him attached to a future Star Wars movie.

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Electra Woman and Dyna Girl digital series?!?

by on Jul.24, 2015, under Television

It’s no real secret that as a child I grew up on 70’s Saturday Morning television. Today it is nothing like it was. One of the shows I was glued to was The Krofft Supershow, which was basically a show that introduced other “microshows” – shorter segments of other shows. In it’s first season, the microshows included were Dr. Shrinker (about three teens stranded on an island where the evil Dr. Shrinker hits them with his shrink ray and makes them tiny, and then chases them when they escape – think Gargamel chasing the Smurfs), Wonderbug (three teens drive around in the old rusty “Shlepcar”, but when they attach a special horn, it magically turns into “Wonderbug”, and they fight crime), and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, which was about a woman and her teen sidekick that were superheros that fought supervillains with high tech and 70s video effects. It was all cheesy, but it was the 70s, Saturday morning and I was 8. I miss those shows.

But I just found out via Facebook (thanks Fred!) that a reboot is not just in development, but is getting ready to debut as a digital series from Legendary, starring YouTubers Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart…check out the Vidcon teaser that debuted yesterday:

This seems real…more details can be found here…except when it will be released. I don’t know if it will be good (so far it seems a bit “meh” and seems more like a female team version of Kick-Ass than related to the original so far), and I’ll give almost everything a shot, but a note to Legendary – I’m still P.O.d at Universal and Relativity for that Will Ferrell Land of the Lost movie. Do not taunt 8 year old Doc.

But you know what? We could have been inflicted with this version instead. It’s hard to believe this was actually done in this century…

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HotShot Trailer: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

by on Jul.23, 2015, under Movies

Here is the official trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 that debuted at SDCC – it was just released this morning and is already closing on 1.5 million views!

The movie fills theaters on November 20th…

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Syfy’s Sharknado 3 takes social media by storm – again!

by on Jul.23, 2015, under Television

Proving its might as a global pop culture phenomenon, Syfy’s Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! chomped its way to two billion Twitter impressions – doubling the one billion impressions for 2014’s Sharknado 2: The Second One. Generating more Twitter activity than every episode of the final season of Mad Men, every episode of this season’s The Bachelor and Hillary Clinton’s presidential announcement, Sharknado 3 trended #1 in the United States and #2 worldwide.

Following this record-breaking social media performance, Syfy and The Asylum announced they have greenlit Sharknado 4, expected to make landfall in July 2016. After destroying Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C. and much of the Eastern Seaboard, where will the sharks strike next? And will April Wexler (Tara Reid) live or die? Fans can decide if April makes it to Sharknado 4 by voting #AprilLives OR #AprilDies on Twitter or by visiting

Said Chris Regina, Senior Vice President, Program Strategy, Syfy: “Sharknado 3 may have devoured half of America’s celebrities, but there are still hungry fans and sharks to feed, so the adventure continues — not in a galaxy far, far away, but on your television sets next July.”

Additional Social Media Highlights for Sharknado 3:

  • Sharknado 3 trended throughout July 22 across social platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Sharknado 3 was the most social program on television in Twitter activity on July 22, with Syfy’s Sharknado 1 and Sharknado 2: The Second One also ranked in the Top 5 programs.
  • Syfy was the most social TV network in Twitter mentions on July 22.
  • Video clips from Sharknado 3 have generated nearly 6 million views to date, including 4.1 million on Syfy’s YouTube channel.
  • The social campaign asking fans to decide if April (Tara Reid) makes it to Sharknado 4 by voting #AprilLives OR #AprilDies on Twitter or by visiting has earned nearly 40K tweets since the conclusion of Sharknado 3 last night.
  • Among the influencers who joined the conversation and tweeted were Tyra Banks, William Shatner, Kevin Jonas, Wendy Williams, Alyson Hannigan, Grant Imahara, Daymond John, as well as NASA, American Red Cross, the Department of Defense, NASCAR, the NBA and the NHL.
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Killjoys preview: “One Blood”

by on Jul.22, 2015, under Television

Top Killjoys are pitted against one another in a race to find Big Joe, a legendary Killjoy gone rogue. Join the chase and watch “One Blood” Friday at 9/8c on Syfy!
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Simon Kinberg to take pass at Logan’s Run

by on Jul.22, 2015, under Movies

Well, it’s been a couple years, but it’s time for more news about a remake of Logan’s Run.

The project is still at Warner Bros with Joel Silver producing, but now Simon Kinberg, who has been working on one of the Star Wars anthology films, will work on a script and join as a producer.

The novel follows Logan, who works as a Sandman (also called a “Deep Sleep Operative”) – the police of the of the post-apocalyptic world where population is strictly controlled. The Sandmen were charges with hunting down and executing “runners” – those who upon reaching the age of 21 refused to report to a “sleepshop”, where they were humanely executed to keep the population steady. Logan is chosen to become a runner on his Lastday in order to track down and infiltrate an underground railroad for runners. While doing so, he has a change of heart.

The novel was turned into a 1976 feature film starring Michael York as Logan, but to take advantage of more mature actors the age for Lastday was changed to 30 along with various other differences, including being set in a domed city.

It is uncertain if this version will follow the book or film settings, although previous reports were that it would return the Lastday age to 21. I think having the Lastday age being set older makes more logical sense, but in the current environment of young adult post-apocalyptic franchises, adhering more closely to the book might be a boost, especially considering that the novel could be the granddaddy of all YA post-apoc stories…

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