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Doctor Who Series 9 to debut September 19th

by on Jul.10, 2015, under Television

Showrunner Steven Moffat and stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman along with Michelle Gomez (The Mistress/Missy) were at SDCC in the massive Hall H yesterday to talk about the upcoming Series 9 in a panel moderated by The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick. Series 9 will begin on September 19th.

It was the first time Capaldi was in front of that many people who cheered for him.

Check out the trailer below, and read more after the break…

Notice at the end guest star Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones…the Doctor appears to recognize her. Begin speculation…have we seen her before (in perhaps different form)? Who would call him “Old Man”? River (previous regeneration)? Another Time Lord like Romana?

And obviously, Missy wasn’t disintergrated, which I said all along…it was the transmat beam… 😉

There was some discussion over the choice to cast the return of the Master as a female in the form of Gomez…Capaldi defended that decision. “A lot has been made of the agenda change, but I really think people should applaud Michelle for taking this role and filling it so completely,” he said. A woman, dressed up as Matt Smith’s Doctor, then asked, “What’s your opinion on having a female Doctor?”, to which Moffat responded, “I think I’ve expressed myself about as clearly as I could in the context of the show,” and pointed to Gomez.

Gomez then joked, “And I’m not going to reveal myself as a man today,” although Capaldi suggested there should be an episode in drag…Hardwick called it the “Doctor Doubtfire” episode, and I can TOTALLY see Capaldi pulling it off…

Some of the funny moments were in reference to humans. When “Puppet Laura”, a puppeteer, approached the microphone, Moffat responded, “That’s a very convincing human you’ve got with you.” And when Hardwick asked Capaldi, “Why do you think [The Doctor] so enamoured of humans?” Capaldi responded, “Budgetary reasons…”


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