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Simon Kinberg to take pass at Logan’s Run

by on Jul.22, 2015, under Movies

Well, it’s been a couple years, but it’s time for more news about a remake of Logan’s Run.

The project is still at Warner Bros with Joel Silver producing, but now Simon Kinberg, who has been working on one of the Star Wars anthology films, will work on a script and join as a producer.

The novel follows Logan, who works as a Sandman (also called a “Deep Sleep Operative”) – the police of the of the post-apocalyptic world where population is strictly controlled. The Sandmen were charges with hunting down and executing “runners” – those who upon reaching the age of 21 refused to report to a “sleepshop”, where they were humanely executed to keep the population steady. Logan is chosen to become a runner on his Lastday in order to track down and infiltrate an underground railroad for runners. While doing so, he has a change of heart.

The novel was turned into a 1976 feature film starring Michael York as Logan, but to take advantage of more mature actors the age for Lastday was changed to 30 along with various other differences, including being set in a domed city.

It is uncertain if this version will follow the book or film settings, although previous reports were that it would return the Lastday age to 21. I think having the Lastday age being set older makes more logical sense, but in the current environment of young adult post-apocalyptic franchises, adhering more closely to the book might be a boost, especially considering that the novel could be the granddaddy of all YA post-apoc stories…


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