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Electra Woman and Dyna Girl digital series?!?

by on Jul.24, 2015, under Television

It’s no real secret that as a child I grew up on 70’s Saturday Morning television. Today it is nothing like it was. One of the shows I was glued to was The Krofft Supershow, which was basically a show that introduced other “microshows” – shorter segments of other shows. In it’s first season, the microshows included were Dr. Shrinker (about three teens stranded on an island where the evil Dr. Shrinker hits them with his shrink ray and makes them tiny, and then chases them when they escape – think Gargamel chasing the Smurfs), Wonderbug (three teens drive around in the old rusty “Shlepcar”, but when they attach a special horn, it magically turns into “Wonderbug”, and they fight crime), and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, which was about a woman and her teen sidekick that were superheros that fought supervillains with high tech and 70s video effects. It was all cheesy, but it was the 70s, Saturday morning and I was 8. I miss those shows.

But I just found out via Facebook (thanks Fred!) that a reboot is not just in development, but is getting ready to debut as a digital series from Legendary, starring YouTubers Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart…check out the Vidcon teaser that debuted yesterday:

This seems real…more details can be found here…except when it will be released. I don’t know if it will be good (so far it seems a bit “meh” and seems more like a female team version of Kick-Ass than related to the original so far), and I’ll give almost everything a shot, but a note to Legendary – I’m still P.O.d at Universal and Relativity for that Will Ferrell Land of the Lost movie. Do not taunt 8 year old Doc.

But you know what? We could have been inflicted with this version instead. It’s hard to believe this was actually done in this century…


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