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Star Trek Discovery bonus scene from WonderCon

by on Mar.25, 2018, under Television

At WonderCon this weekend CBS released a deleted scene from the finale of Star Trek Discovery that shows the return of a group suspected to be behind the “black badge” Starfleet members, and show where the show is heading in its upcoming second season.

Note: The scene may present spoilers if you’d rather wait, or if you haven’t finished watching the first season…so stop reading now.

In this scene, former Terran Emperor Georgiou is seen running a bar on Qo’noS. She’s then visited by a stranger…

For those who don’t recall, Section 31 is the clandestine “black ops” branch of Starfleet who operate autonomously with on the mandate to protect Earth and the Federation, and do so by any means necessary. They first appeared in Deep Space Nine, and later in Enterprise, and were a major part of the Kelvin-timeline Star Trek Into Darkness. It seems they are also behind the mysterious Black Badges that were seen onboard Discovery. So it seems we we’ll be seeing more of them, as well as Georgiou…


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