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Every issue of Worlds of IF available online for free

by on Feb.27, 2016, under Stories

The Internet Archive has made available every issue of Worlds of IF magazine, which ran from 1952-1974 (when it merged with Galaxy and had a one issue revival in 1986. Many authors had stories published in the magazine, including many award-winning stories and authors, including Robert A. Heinlein’s”The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress” and Harlan Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream”.

Grandmaster Fredrick Pohl edited the magazine from 1961 and 1969, helping it to rise in prominence and championed new writers. Larry Niven’s first published story, “The Coldest Place”, appeared in the December 1964 issue (the copy of which in the archive is autographed by Niven.)

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Sci-fi excerpt: Cradle’s Children

by on Apr.04, 2005, under Stories

DarkSyde writes “(The following is an except from a never ending sci-fi book/novel/project/hobby of mine. I’ve had a lot of trouble with this section. It’s clumsy and crude and just doesn’t flow like I want it to. I think I can work that out, and the basic idea is half decent and imaginative, or so I have deluded myself into believing. But I need any constructive criticism for the abio/biochem which I can tell is hopelessly infantile, as well as anything else that sticks out. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. It’s also copy write protected, but I give permission to reproduce this in part or in whole if proper attribution is given and a link to UTI at kend_science_3.html is provided)” Read More for the full excerpt.

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New Official Dune Short Story Debuts Online!

by on Jun.29, 2004, under Stories

BaronMoritani writes “BRIAN HERBERT
The Faces of a Martyr
A Tale of the Butlerian Jihad

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson have written another original short story, “The Faces of a Martyr,” as a bridge spotlighting the events in between THE MACHINE CRUSADE and THE BATTLE OF CORRIN

The story debuts online at the ‘raad (before the official sites have it up!)

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Sci-Fi writer Orson Scott Card gets political

by on Nov.25, 2003, under Stories

Evo Terra writes “While it’s not uncommon for a Hollywood-er to jump into the political frey, it’s not often we hear it coming from an icon of science fiction.

As published on The Onery American

“We can’t afford to lose interest and go away. If we stop now, our campaigns so far will have been like poking a bear with a stick and then turning your back.”” I edited the original to avoid politicizing the site. Follw the link to see what Card says…

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The Story of the Grey’s, a Government Cover up

by on Aug.13, 2003, under Stories

Michael Coonce writes “The Grey?s


The Grey?s have been here since before recorded time. Why they are here is a closely guarded secret of the governmental superpowers of the world.
One man, deeply involved in the cover-up will try to tell the world about The Grey?s, but?

The Grey?s is the first installment of a three parts.” I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a Spec Script, outline, or what, but its an interesting read, if a bit long for the site.

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“The Key” – Time Travel Short Humor

by on Jun.16, 2003, under Stories

Todd Burnett writes “The Key * * * a short story by Todd A. Burnett: The dark of night cloaks the earth in deepest midnight blue. A million stars peer down–pinpricks of light scattered across heaven.” Read More for the whole story.

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Sample chapter from the Bureau 13 novel, “Full Moonster”

by on Jul.29, 2002, under Stories

By ? Nick Pollotta
Wildside Press, July 2002
Permission to reprint is granted.
It’s a bit big, but Read More if you’d like to read it, and if you like it, order it from

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Original Ender’s Game now online

by on Apr.13, 2001, under Stories

dugh writes orson scott card has posted his original “ender’s game” short story that was first printed way back in 77. the story is here. Hatrack River, mr. card’s site, is a plethora of information for scifi readers *and* writers.”

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New City of Dreams on

by on Feb.02, 2001, under Stories

djryan writes “After a long hiatus a new episode of City of Dreams has been uploaded to This episode, titled “The Alpha and Omega of David Welles”, is probably the scariest, most disturbing epsiode yet and has to be listened to.

A man in search of the Truth undergoes a past-life regression that takes him further than anyone has ever gone before.

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Rising Stars Trade Paperback

by on Dec.18, 2000, under Stories

djryan writes “The first Rising Stars trade paperback Rising Stars: Lost in Fire has been published on the Joe’s Comics imprint by Top Cow. It collects the first eight issues of the series and is without a doubt the best comic I’ve read.

In case you haven’t heard, Rising Stars is the story of 100 odd individuals who were in utero as a coment passed over a small town in Illinois. These people went on to develop powers as a restult of this and changed the world.

It’s not what you think, and takes a departure from the usual superhero antics.”

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