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Retro Review: Blake’s 7, Series 3

by on Mar.01, 2008, under Television

It’s been a while since I reviewed the first two series of Blake’s 7, but I’ve finally picked up where I left off and watched Series 3, which represents a departure – in more than one way – from the first two series, including the loss of the title character…alas, I still await a formal DVD release for Region 1…my piles of VHS tapes take too much room.

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Retro Review: Blake’s 7, Series 1 & 2

by on Jun.25, 2007, under Television

A political revolutionary named Roj Blake is convicted and sentenced to life on a prison planet. On the way there, the transport encounters a derelict ship of unknown design, and several crew are killed trying to board it. Blake, and two other prisoners manage to board and commandeer the ship and escape. They pick up several others and go on to fight against the Federation with the fastest ship in the known galaxy.

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Blake’s 7 revival????

by on May.31, 2001, under Television

First, they were talking about new Who…now Blake’s 7??? According to Dark Horizons (search for it on the page), BBC top exec Andrew Sewell was recently at a convention and mentioned plans to revive it with a TV movie, set 20 years after the events of the ’70s series. The script is in its second draft and no one is attached, but it does mention that the only character to return would be Avon, played by Paul Darrow in the original. Personally, I’d like to see an updated version of the original plot, but definitely get Peter Tuddenham back as the voice of Zen.

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