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MakingOf’s “THE GREEN HORNET” coverage from COMIC-CON

by on Jul.23, 2010, under Movies

Thanks to Greg for the following coverage from Comic-Con: As you already know, Comic-Con is going on and the coverage is amazing this year with live streams from every panel as well as up to the minute breaking news and insider interviews. I thought I would let you know about “The Green Hornet” coverage that is up on Two interviews were uploaded today, as well as a photo gallery. In one interview, Christoph Waltz admitted to being “acomic” before doing “The Green Hornet”. He had never been exposed to anything having to do with the whole Comic-Con culture. It will be interesting to see how well he plays the character of Chudnofsky.
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What’s going on at Comic-Con?

by on Jul.23, 2010, under Conventions

I had intended to be there first hand this year, but too many things got in the way and then it was too late…but I’m a bit surprised at the lack of earth-shattering news coming out from it this year. Is anyone there getting anything good? Or is it relatively dull this year? At least they finally showed some new footage from Tron Legacy

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Streaming live feed from COMIC-CON San Diego

by on Jul.21, 2010, under Conventions

It’s time for one of the best weekends of the year: Comic-Con! MakingOf will be streaming live exclusive interviews and breaking news from the San Diego Convention Center. Tune in tomorrow to our Ustream page to check out the live feed.

In the mean time, we have a new blog post to give viewers a taste of what to expect at Comic-Con 2010.

Hope you get your fill of Comic-Con this weekend!

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Comic-Con TV-related panel schedule

by on Jul.13, 2010, under Conventions

THR’s LiveFeed has a complete schedule of TV related panels scheduled so far for Comic-Con – some interesting highlights – a A Leap Of Faith, Battlestar Galactica panel hosted by Richard Hatch; A Quantum Leap Retrospective; a panel about Hawaii Five-0 featuring various genre actors and crew; and the The Joss Whedon Experience.

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Non-genre shows to invade Comic-Con?

by on Jun.09, 2010, under Conventions, Television

Comic-Con has become such a media event these days, with producers making major use of it for publicity for their TV shows. But now it seems that show outside the typical comic/SF/Fantasy genres are looking for some exposure time as well. But these shows do have some ties CBS’s upcoming Hawaii Five-0 features Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim, Battlestar Galactica‘s Grace Park, and Buffy/Angel alum James Marsters; Castle of course has Nathan Fillion of Firefly, and Sons Of Anarchy have Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and Katey Sagal (Futurama), so maybe its not so far-fetched.

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Star Wars tidbits from Comic-Con

by on Jul.26, 2009, under Audio, Games, Movies

Some interesting tidbits were released yesterday at Comic-Con…Star Wars In Concert will begin touring October 1st (tickets on sale August 1st) and will be narrated in person by Anthony Daniels (C-3PO), although it looks like dates only through Oct. 21st are known so far, on the west coast and OK; lots of info at the Lucasfilm booth about the upcoming games Star Wars: The Old Republic (a new MMO where you can be on the Republic or Sith Empire sides), The Cone Wars: Republic Heroes, available for PC and all consoles on either September 15th or October 6th (information conflicts right now); and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Ultimate Sith Edition out in time for the holidays. Also, Novermber 3rd should see the release of the Season 1 Box Set of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Comic-Con news trickle…

by on Jul.23, 2009, under Conventions

Comic-Con is under way, and as usual I’m not there. But I am hearing some tidbits of information that is coming out, so here are a few items I’ve heard so far: The Tron sequel finally has a more distinctive name in Tron Legacy and Johnny Depp surprised attendees when he appeared at the Alice In Wonderland panel. More as I hear something worth repeating.

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