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The Librarians officially dead

by on Jun.06, 2018, under Television

Sadly, the word has come down on the future of The Librarians, and it wasn’t good. From producer Dean Devlin:

The official Facebook page was a bit more hopeful of it continuing in another form at least:

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TNT cancels The Librarians

by on Mar.08, 2018, under Television

NO! From producer Dean Devlin:

This saddens me a great deal. Watching the show was just pure fun and we loved all the characters. I really hope another network is willing to pick this up.

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The Librarians renewed for a fourth season

by on Jan.24, 2017, under Television

Creator/producer Dean Devlin has been chomping at the bit to make an announcement over the past few days, and finally today he could – after the third season finale aired on Sunday, today Devlin announced that TNT has renewed The Librarians for a fourth season. The next season should start airing later this year.

The Librarians is based on a series of TV movies produced for TNT which followed Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), who was chosen to be the next Librarian for the mysterious Library which holds many artifacts (such as the Sword of Excalibur) that possess many magical qualities. The series picks up with the the Library taking on three new Librarians to help Carsen – Jacob Stone (Christian Kane), an expert in history, languages and agriculture with an IQ of 190; Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), a mathematician with an innate ability to visualize and solve problems in her head; and Ezekiel Jones (John Harlan Kim), a master lockpicker and thief with extensive knowledge of technology. They are joined by Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), a former NATO Colonel who is the new Guardian, whose job is to protect the Librarians, and Jenkins (John Larroquette), the Library’s caretaker, who has been around for a strangely long time…

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Noah Wyle re-ups for more episodes of The Librarians

by on Apr.02, 2016, under Television

Actor/producer Noah Wyle, who has been working year-to-year as a recurring character on The Librarians (which he also produces) while he works on broadening his experience behind the scenes, will return to his role of Head Librarian Flynn Carson on the show for 7 episodes out of the 10 scheduled. He will also direct two episodes and write one.

After playing Carson in the lead role in three TV movies (two of which he produced), he joined Dean Devlin to produce the series, which focused more on three new Librarians and a new Guardian. Wyle took a supporting role while he also worked on Falling Skies, in which he starred and also produced. He started directing with an episode of each series under his belt now, and has taken up writing as well, also penning a spec script called Art Of War about the world of art forgery.

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TNT renews The Librarians

by on Dec.15, 2015, under Television

TNT announced some renewals today (Murder In The First and Major Crimes), and some cancelations (Legends, Agent X, Public Morals). Among the renewals is one of our favorites, The Librarians, which will get a 15-episode 3rd season. The show has been averaging 5.5 million viewers across all available platforms.

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TNT orders up The Librarians series, Frakes to direct

by on May.26, 2014, under Television

TNT has given the green light to a series based on The Librarian TV movies that starred Falling Skies‘ Noah Wylie, and Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Jonathan Frakes will return to direct several episodes in the 10-episode order.

In an interview with, Frakes, who directed the second and third installments of the the TV movies, said, “We’re in Portland shooting a new show based on the movies that I did with Noah Wyle, Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin and Olympia Dukakis. Dean Devlin shot the two-hour pilot and I’ll be directing three of the 10 episodes.”

As for the cast, Noah Wylie will return for the premiere but will not stay. “Noah is in the two-hour pilot and then he’ll be recurring over the season, probably in two other episodes close to the end of the season,” Frakes said. “Noah’s character (Flynn Carsen) has passed the torch to these other librarians, mostly because Noah is still doing Falling Skies for TNT.

“Bob Newhart is back, too, and his scenes will be filmed in L.A. It’s a great group, a lot of the same people that I worked with on Leverage and The Librarian movies. So you know what you’re getting.”

Added to the cast will be Rebecca Romijn (X-Men), Christian Kane (Leverage) and John Larroquette (Night Court).

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