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Berman breaks silence on Nemesis

by on Feb.04, 2003, under Movies

Rick Berman has finally broken his silence about the dismal failure of Star Trek: Nemesis at the box office. Put it this way – the often labasted-as-the-worst-ever Star Trek V: The Final Frontier made more money. This has put the franchise in doubt, and it will take some time to evaluate. Opening amidst two of the most anticipated movies ever I’m sure didn’t help.

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  • Anonymous Coward

    The problem is berman

    Rick Berman is a worthless hack that’s been driving the Star Trek franchise into the ground on both television and screen. Perhaps if paramount fires him we’ll get some Trek worth watching again and they’ll make some money.

    • Sweetwind

      Re:The problem is berman

      So you’re saying the article’s opening quote “Star Trek Nemesis executive producer Rick Berman…” should be parsed “Star Trek Nemesis, executive producer Rick Berman,…” 😉

    • Gredulum

      Re:The problem is berman

      The problem is, actually, that once you’ve made an absolute wowser featuring the Borg, no-one knows where to go. Personally, I think that another absolute wowser featuring the Borg would have done nicely. But then, I’m easily amused.



  • yowza

    How about Star Trek: STASIS?

    Maybe it’s time to let Trek rest a bit. TOS was out of the public eye for awhile, and returned later in syndication. It was then when it generated huge interest and later came the hoopla about coming back as a series and then it became TMP and the subsequent sequels. TNG benefited greatly from the absence and spawned DS9 (IMHO the best of the incarnations)and sputtered with Voyager, and now Enterprise (is anyone even watching it?). Let there be a couple of Trek (Berman) free years and see what happens.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:How about Star Trek: STASIS?

      Enterprise has good potential, and, IMO, is doing pretty well.

      At least I thought so until that horrid, nasty, ugly thing they did with the mind meld disease episode. Whoever was responsible for that script needs to be fired, then run out of the country.

  • Anonymous Coward

    No way to tell…

    “There’s no way of telling what happened,” Berman said

    Ha, it failed because the movie sucked!

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