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SCI FI Channel to redo Andromeda Strain and The Thing

by on Sep.07, 2004, under Television

In this remake happy world, the SCI FI Channel wants to be king. Both The Andromeda Strain and The Thing are on the table for the miniseries treatment, with Ridley Scott heading up Strain and Frank Darabont on The Thing.

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  • mbourgon

    The Big Question…


    The Andromeda Strain is a near-perfect movie. Aside from adding Superman (I would add a link here to all the bad “SciFi Pictures” movies Dean Cain has been in, but it’s too much work), what can the SciFi Channel actually add to it? It wouldn’t be a budget or good acting, that’s for sure.

    • Doc

      Re:The Big Question…

      I’m torn about the remake – I think the original was excellent, but it feels dated to me now.

      Did anyone else thing of Andromeda Strain when they first heard about NASA’s Genesis Project – and then really think about it when it slammed into the desert? 🙂

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