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Future features: bittorrent tracker?

by on Apr.05, 2005, under General News

As I come up with ideas to improve the site, (and yes, I will get back to work at the software at some point), one idea seems pretty cool, but I’m not sure of how useful it would be. I’m in love with BitTorrent – the protocol, not the fact that I can download pretty much anything, legal or not. This may be more interesting to content providers for trailers, etc., but is there interest in a BitTorrent tracker for legitimate, legal downloads of SF media?

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  • dugh

    I’d be interested but…

    Is there enough good material that is allowable?

    • Anonymous Coward

      Re:I’d be interested but…

      there probably is quite a bit of stuff, however it would require folks to be good about keeping their seeds open as the torrents will be useless fairly quickly…

  • chad

    Yes, Yes, Yes…

    I would like a simple BitTorrent tracker that stays up most of the time for periodic use. Not the huge sites that have trackers as well as lists of available torrents. What I want is a tracker I can use when I want to distribute fun stuff to my friends or to create a mirror of something posted on /., bureau42, etc.

  • Anonymous Coward


    Yes! For trailers ‘twould be great.

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