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Earthstorm on SciFi (or is it SyFy?) tonight…

by on Mar.28, 2009, under Television

The SCI FI Channel is airing a string of movies with “Storm” in the title tonight: Earthstorm, Polar Storm, and Dark Storm. Now, of course I wouldn’t normally call out the typical SFC Saturday movie night fare (for good reason), and its certainly not because two of the three feature Stephen Baldwin, or the middle one has Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet, Heroes). But I learned from someone on a mailing list (thanks Fred!) about what has to be the best movie summary ever on Earthstorm…and watch out for the Rice Krispie space debris…I am so taping this to laugh later…

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  • mbourgon

    The irony is…

    It can’t be nearly as good as that summary. Nor nearly as bad, unfortunately.

    • Doc

      Re:The irony is…

      I half-watched it. I’d call it “Stephen Baldwin ruins Armageddon”. Literally it was as if someone wanted to copy Armageddon, but had to change it significantly so it wasn’t quite as blatant a rip off, failed, and still made all the science 10 times more bogus.

      Not one person in it was believable in their roles.

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